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Layer Properties:Keep track of changes in a way that’s more visual and intuitive than in the past. The new customizable layer properties system gives you control over custom layer properties, making it easier to keep the right data in view at all times.Print Preview:AutoCAD helps you be more productive by letting you preview and adjust your work on an actual printer before you print it.Multi-touch editing in annotation tools:Feel like you’re drawing with multiple fingers — or use your natural hand and stylus movements — on any drawing surface. (video: 1:12 min.)Appended:As a new type of drawing object, Appended lets you add geometric data to existing drawings, making it easier to reference and use data from other files.Document Pages and Graphs:Work more efficiently with Document Pages and Graphs, which let you create a page of information in one drawing, and include that page in another drawing for use in that drawing’s information panel.All screens:Get better workflows for easy collaboration with your team.From everywhere:Because AutoCAD can now be installed and accessed from anywhere, you can be up and running wherever you need to be.Tech OverviewWhat’s New in AutoCAD 2023CADRUN SUPPORTAutoCAD 2023 extends CADRUN to support over 90 languages. Users can now configure the right combination of languages for their needs and installation directories for those languages.System RequirementsWhat's New in AutoCAD 2023NEW FEATURES:DUET CHART:When setting the default target points for a drawing, AutoCAD now remembers the last targets you set, to help reduce unnecessary resetting of these points.DUET CHART (EXPLAINED):The AutoCAD DUET Chart Wizard was redesigned for ease of use. Designers can now quickly and easily generate a complete design from an existing drawing by selecting the start and end target points, and choosing the various geometric dimensions and areas of the design you want to draw.CALIBRATION OF DRAWINGS:Moving drawings to a new location or changing locations can take a while if you need to adjust the orientations and rotations of all the drawings for 2be273e24d

AutoCAD X64

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